Veritech Project: Assignments

Project Management

  • Producer: Richard Hurrey
  • Associate Producer: Michael Blackbourn

Project Leads

  • Veritech Model Lead: Aric Whelan
  • Tamohawk Model Lead: Sumimasen (please fill in real name)

Project Artists

  • Andrew Kinabrew
    • vf-1a2
  • Philip Lawson
    • Regult/battlepod
  • Hendrik Lindgvist
  • GalenB (please fill in real name)
  • Jon Jordan
    • Environment Assets (Scope to be determined)
  • Nicholas Stevenson (TwistedSheep)
    • Veritech Missiles
  • SoftDistortion (please fill in real name)
  • Tim Vazquez (concussionGFX)
  • ChuckC (please fill in real name)
  • Barry Croucher (BazC)
    • Regult Scout Pod (Battle Pod)
  • Jared Bauer
    • Sky and distant environment
  • Ian Maclachlan
  • Tipatat Chennavasin
    • vf-1j and Super Armor

Anyone else that wants to take part please fill in your name here :)

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