Veritech Project: Scope of Work

The scope of work for this project will be some what of a moving target I'm guessing but as a starting point here is what we are planning on doing:

Create a series of assets that are full production ready. Meaning they are all created with sub divsion surfaces, UV'd properly and follow the design spec. Rig these assets and create an animation. The amount of animation will depend greatly on how many people are involved and how quickly everything comes together.

Asset List

  • Veritech VF-1A
    • Gun
    • Missiles
    • Super Veritech Gear
  • Zentradi Battlepod
  • Zentradi Female Power Armor
  • Tomahawk Destroid
  • Spartan Destroid
  • Environment
    • Generic Buildings (# of variants to be determined)
    • Streets
    • Hillside
    • Sky
    • Misc Parts
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